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30+ Years of Construction Industry Experience

We manage the entire design process and all construction team members involved on your behalf, with a goal to simplify the overall process. Our method dramatically decreases the project timeline, while still maintaining the integrity of your facility. Our reduced project timelines also increase your overall savings, via additional lease payments, construction loan interest, loss of your time, and more.

Our principal, Phillip Matthews, has over 30 years' experience in manufacturing, project management, pre-construction, design, estimating, and marketing. He works closely with clients and design consultants to control the design development process. He specializes in bringing together key team members to meet specific project criteria and implementing strategies to complete projects and to meet our client's intended use.

Mr. Matthews is responsible for all pre-construction activities on our projects, including managing the estimating, design, and sales teams. Additionally, he works closely with the owner and design consultants to deliver the budget and meet all design criteria.

His many years of experience ensure he has the specific skills needed to develop an extremely accurate scope of work for every item related to your project. His project experience ranges from $1m to $40m projects, and he has been involved in the pre-construction and project management phases of more than 100 projects around the Gulf Coast area.